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Starting his career in 1995 as an instrument helper in a refinery in Norco, Louisiana, Ken has been through much training and gained plenty of hands-on experience. Ken has learned that life has turnarounds, just as many refinery and chemical plants in his area do. Ken was seven years old when he was in a tragic lawnmower accident. He was supposed to be a vegetable for the rest of his life, or so the doctors said. The doctors told his family that life would never be the same. Ken wore a helmet for nearly six months as he recovered from the accident. Ken also went through two divorces, which were more turnarounds in his life. With his faith and trust in God, Ken was brought through his darkest days. And just like a plant or refinery undergoing a turnaround, when your insides feel as though they’ve been ripped out, like a compressor or boiler on a unit, it requires a turnaround to get things back on track. God has strengthened Ken through each of his many turnarounds. Everything he has been through has been for a purpose. Ken is stronger, happier, and more faithful because of the turnarounds in his life.


Ken began writing while he was in high school as a way to vent his emotions. These emotions came from a tragic lawnmower accident that almost ended his life at the young age of seven. He has continued writing throughout the years, and using his current occupation as an instrument technician, he chose to write this book in the hope that others would relate to what God has shown him through his own work. Ken enjoys spending time with his family and friends and is involved in many church ministries and Christian groups including ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron) and Christians Under Construction. Ken also speaks at conferences and group meetings throughout the United States. He also enjoys cooking, hunting, fishing, and camping. Ken is married to Brandi Babin Paxton and has a son, Kyland, along with two stepsons, Nick and Logan. He cherishes the time with his wife and kids. One of his favorite things to cook for friends and family is boiled crawfish, a good family tradition.



Are You In Need of a Turnaround?: A 21 Day Devotional for Men Kindle


Are You In Need of a Turnaround?: A 21 Day Devotional for Men Hardcover


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